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The freezeframe | bloombeads E-Z Ship kit includes everything you need for flower shipment from your home or office.

If you're short on time and can't get to one of our Easy Ship Partner locations to pick up a free E-Z Ship kit, learn how to build your own floral cooler and package your flowers for shipping.


What is the freezeframe E-Z Ship Kit?

The E-Z Ship kit is a patented, pre-packaged kit designed to freezeframe's specifications that includes the ideal shipping supplies for successful fresh flower transportation. The kit includes an outside box, internal foam liners, freezer packs, rehydration spray, a pre-paid shipping label, and all other necessary supplies. It even includes tape!


Where to Get your EZ SHIP Kit

View Easy Ship Partner Locations or call 1-800-822-9273


Packing Your E-Z Ship Kit

For detailed instructions on how to pack your E-Z Ship kit, please choose from our online instructions or a printable version.


Shipping Options & Instructions

Click on your preferred shipping method below for detailed instructions

Use a Pre-Printed UPS Label

Go to a UPS Store Near You for a label

Ship Via USPS or Fedex


E-Z Ship FAQ's

What if I don't have time to freeze my freezer packs?

freezeframe | bloombeads is committed to the environmentA: Use bags of frozen veggies instead
Be sure to include unfrozen freezer packs so they can be recycled!

What should I do with leftover spritzer and packing supplies?

freezeframe | bloombeads is committed to the environment

A: Include empty spritzer and any leftover supplies
inside kit, to be recycled.


E-Z Ship Results: It REALLY works!

E-Z Ship Box - New ArrivalE-Z Ship Box - New Arrival
E-Z Ship Box - New ArrivalE-Z Ship Box - New Arrival