Bloombeads Jewelry made out of Flowers is so much fun to share with our clients... Especially our Brides! When they learn that they can turn their bouquet into wearable jewelry, they are amazed.. And full of Questions. Here are a few of the most common questions asked about our line of Flower Petal Jewelry.

Q) Is the jewelry made from my REAL flowers? How is that possible?!?

A) Yes! Yes it is!! Our line of Bloombeads Jewelery is made from Real Flowers... YOUR real flowers! When your flowers come into our studio, they are individually tagged and photographed for our records. They are then put through a rigorous and scientific Preservation process. While many people boast "at home methods" for turning flowers into jewelry, our Freeze-drying process captures the vibrant colors of the flowers, which directly impacts the vibrancy and colors of your flower-petal keepsake jewelry.

Q) How many flowers does it take to make a piece of jewelry?

A) Typically, we can get 3-5 beads out of a standard rose, depending on the size and density of the rose petals. If you're wanting to do jewelry with several colors swirled together, we'll use your different colored blooms to achieve the swirl you desire.

Q) How long does it take to get my jewelry back?

A) Since everything we do here at Freezeframe | bloombeads is totally custom and hand made, we can't put a specific date on your finished order. Our production runs at an estimated 6 month turnover... but that's just an estimate. Sometimes it runs faster, sometimes a little longer. Our jeweler makes all of our pieces by hand and goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that the piece is one that you'll love for years and years to come. You can always call our studio, however, and we can let you know where your flowers are at in the process.

 Our exclusive line of heirloom quality jewelry made from flowers is truly one of a kind.. but don't take my word for it! Stop by one of our showrooms today to see for yourself! We're located in Dayton, Ohio at 905 E. Third St! Come talk with our team today and check out our Bloombeads Jewelery for yourself!

April 11, 2022 — bloom-beads-official Admin