Returning Customer

Returning Customer

I'm a returning customer, I love how bloombeads takes my flowers and creates lasting memories. I always pick the beads to go on my Pandora bracelets; this is my 4th bead and I have two more in production. This bead is from my grandpa's funeral; he passed away suddenly & unexpectedly last June. At the time I was pregnant with my daughter, he was so excited to meet her, but he never got the chance. His flowers at the funeral were orange, he loved the Bengals, and there was a single pink rose for my daughter and a single white rose for a baby I miscarried in October 2015 that we said he was now holding in heaven. This bead is all three of those flowers together & means so much to me.

~ Kristen McNutt, Centerville Ohio

April 11, 2022 — bloom-beads-official Admin
Bloombeads to be featured on Lifetime's Married at First Sight

Bloombeads to be featured on Lifetime's Married at First Sight

Just imagine walking down the aisle and meeting the person at the alter for the first time. That reality is taking place on Lifetime's show Married at First Sight, currently airing its 6th season of episodes. We are new viewers to the show, and have become fascinated with this idea of current day matchmaking, and all of the positives and negatives associated with it.

The couples get married in the first episode, and the rest of the season follows them through their new journey into wedded life. To get caught up on past episodes, click HERE for a link to all past episodes. Once you are caught up on past episodes, start watching for the presentation of gift from one of the grooms to his new bride.

The big question many viewers have for this show is "Do these marriages last?"

"Married at First Sight has had mixed results over the last few years. While many pairs choose to stay together and continue on with married life at the end of a season, the real world away from cameras seems to hit them hard, resulting in a split months later.

Do cast members see a different side of their spouses once cameras are turned off, or do the romances naturally fizzle over time?

Some couples are still together to this day and are extremely happy. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from Season 1, for example, are overjoyed about having just welcomed their first child together in August 2017, a baby girl they named Henley.

But then there are Married at First Sight relationships that ended badly. Jessica Castro from Season 2, for instance, accused her ex-husband Ryan De Nino of alleged death threats, and she went on to file a restraining order and lawsuit against him. " –By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski Reality World

So, will our couple stay together or end up in a ugly split? You'll have to watch with us to find out! Happy Viewing
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Wedding Bouquet Flowers Made Into Jewelry

Wedding Bouquet Flowers Made Into Jewelry

Turning your wedding flowers into Heirloom Quality jewelry is a Great and Fun way to hold on to the memories of your wedding day... And, pass it on to future generations! Our team here at Freezeframe | bloombeads can help you design a custom piece of jewelry that can remain in your family for generations to come!

Custom Heirloom Quality Bracelet made from Wedding flowers

Custom Earrings made from Wedding day Flowers

Custom Sterling Silver Rings created with Wedding Day Flowers

To learn more about custom heirloom quality jewelry made from flowers, give our team a call today! 1-800-822-9273

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Wedding Bouquet Made Into Keepsake Jewelry

Wedding Bouquet Made Into Keepsake Jewelry

Bloombeads Jewelry made out of Flowers is so much fun to share with our clients... Especially our Brides! When they learn that they can turn their bouquet into wearable jewelry, they are amazed.. And full of Questions. Here are a few of the most common questions asked about our line of Flower Petal Jewelry.

Q) Is the jewelry made from my REAL flowers? How is that possible?!?

A) Yes! Yes it is!! Our line of Bloombeads Jewelery is made from Real Flowers... YOUR real flowers! When your flowers come into our studio, they are individually tagged and photographed for our records. They are then put through a rigorous and scientific Preservation process. While many people boast "at home methods" for turning flowers into jewelry, our Freeze-drying process captures the vibrant colors of the flowers, which directly impacts the vibrancy and colors of your flower-petal keepsake jewelry.

Q) How many flowers does it take to make a piece of jewelry?

A) Typically, we can get 3-5 beads out of a standard rose, depending on the size and density of the rose petals. If you're wanting to do jewelry with several colors swirled together, we'll use your different colored blooms to achieve the swirl you desire.

Q) How long does it take to get my jewelry back?

A) Since everything we do here at Freezeframe | bloombeads is totally custom and hand made, we can't put a specific date on your finished order. Our production runs at an estimated 6 month turnover... but that's just an estimate. Sometimes it runs faster, sometimes a little longer. Our jeweler makes all of our pieces by hand and goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that the piece is one that you'll love for years and years to come. You can always call our studio, however, and we can let you know where your flowers are at in the process.

 Our exclusive line of heirloom quality jewelry made from flowers is truly one of a kind.. but don't take my word for it! Stop by one of our showrooms today to see for yourself! We're located in Dayton, Ohio at 905 E. Third St! Come talk with our team today and check out our Bloombeads Jewelery for yourself!

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What's the Best Kept Secret for What To Do With Wedding Flowers After the Wedding?

What's the Best Kept Secret for What To Do With Wedding Flowers After the Wedding?

 For most people, your wedding day is the one day in your life when you choose to spend the money to surround yourself with your very favorite flowers.  You will probably consider flower textures, tones, shapes, and how all of that comes together to create your dream bouquet, as well as the rest of the floral landscape that surrounds you on your wedding day.

But once this dream day whirls by and comes to a close, you are left with the reality that all of your fresh flowers are only temporary.  So you might find yourself asking, what can I do with my bridal bouquet to keep it forever?  We have an idea for you! Our team at Bloombeads | Freezeframe can turn your flowers into wearable keepsake jewelry.​ That's right!! We make jewelry from the actual flower petals. The process starts when you either mail in or bring us some of the blooms from your bouquet that reflect your favorite colors from the bouquet.  We then preserve the flowers by putting them in our freeze-dry machines, where they will stay for several months while the moisture is slowly removed from them, but the color is retained!  Once the flowers come out of our dryers, we then make each of the colors of petals into pulp that is folded together to create a marbled pattern.  We hand-form each piece, kiln-fire it, and then seal it.  Your jewelry comes packaged in a beautiful keepsake box, and includes jewelry cleaner so you can care for it over time.

This Dayton Ohio bride, Sarah Cunningham, selected the Flowerman as her florist, and then chose to have her jewelry pieces made from the purple ranunculus, blush roses, and lavender statice from her breathtaking wedding bouquet.  She had Bloombeads swirl the bridal bouquet colors together to create her pieces:

Bloombeads rope edge charm, found here on our site:

CZ Dainty Square Floating Ring:


Photographer: Carr Photography

Venue: Canyon Run Ranch

  Enjoy your one-of-a-kind day, and then have one-of-a-kind flower petal jewelry made so you can treasure the blooms for a lifetime!    1-800-822-9272

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What Dayton Ohio Company Will Be Featured on National TV This Week?

What Dayton Ohio Company Will Be Featured on National TV This Week?

You guessed it, this is THE week!  After months of build-up, we have seen our Bloombeads jewelry piece included in the preview for this week's upcoming episode of Married At First Sight. See the preview here:


About the Show:
Married At First Sight invites 200+ applicants to begin the process of being on the show.The applicants are interviewed by a marriage counselor, religious advisor, and psychologist, and then these experts identity three couples that they agree are solid matches.The couples are strangers, and meet for the first time when they walk down the aisle.You heard me, they are total strangers when they walk down the aisle, and they meet for the first time at the alter!!
The couples from Season 6 of Married At First Sight


It sounds a bit sensational (and terrifying) right?I did not watch this show prior to making a Bloombeads pendant for one of the participants, but I have followed the show throughout this season, and I have been struck by what seems like real authenticity from both the participants and the advisors.I have also been impressed by the opportunity for viewers to see real marital conflict that is addressed with the help of relationship professionals.For most of us, arguments with a spouse happen in a vacuum, and oftentimes miscommunication fuels further escalation or misunderstanding.For these couples, soon after an argument they are visited by one of the show's relationship experts, and the viewing audience gets to see how the advisor coaches the couple toward de-escalation of their issues.While it is reality tv, it also does seem to us to deliver doses of real-world advice from which the rest of us can benefit, and for those of us who have been lucky enough to find love organically, I think this show is a nice reminder of how fortunate we are to have a partner.

Our couple:We learned this week (from watching the preview in the link above) that we made our Bloombeads floral jewelry for Ryan to give to Jaclyn. If you have been watching the show, then you know that Ryan and Jaclyn started off strong, but that they have been struggling to weave their lives together.The fact that it occurred to Ryan to create this meaningful piece of jewelry from the petals of roses he has been giving her through their short but intense relationship is a sign to us that he is making a real effort in the relationship.But will his efforts this last week be enough?


The couples have eight weeks to live together and explore marriage, and at the end of this time frame, they meet with the advisors and decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. We are thrilled to have played this small role in helping Ryan communicate his intentions to Jaclyn, and we wish all of the participants in the show the best of luck in finding true love, whether from this show, or from whatever life brings to them next.

So here are our questions for all of you:

- If you are single and striking out in the dating scene, would you consider allowing professionals match you with a complete stranger?

- If you are a fan of the show, do you think Ryan & Jaclyn should stay together?

- What is the most thoughtful gift you have received from a guy or gal trying to win your heart?

Let us know what you think, and join us for the big reveal - 

     Married At First Sight     Lifetime Channel     Tuesday night  4/17   9pm.   You can also catch up on past episodes HERE.

April 11, 2022 — bloom-beads-official Admin
Are High-Profile Projects Good For Small Businesses?

Are High-Profile Projects Good For Small Businesses?

If you are a small business owner, you may have experienced being presented with an opportunity for high-profile work. Maybe your work has been selected by a famous blogger, or you have been approached to participate in a TV show or high profile event with the promise of fortune and fame in exchange for your efforts. In our 25 years of business, we have been presented with a variety of these "opportunities," and while our experiences were unique to our company, there may be some broader lessons we can share from them.

The Pay-to-Play TV Show – Over the years we have been contacted by multiple firms asking us to participate in some sort of informational TV program. In one case, a TV show offered us the use of video experts and production specialists, who would "partner" with us to create high quality footage of our work, asking for a 6 week commitment of our time to be on location for the filming. We were in the first 5 years running our business, and green to these kinds of offers, so while we felt quite honored initially, we learned at the time of contract signing that this "opportunity" would cost us $26,000. Luckily we never signed a contract and we avoided this terrible mistake. So, our caution to small business owners on this one - read ALL the fine print before signing anything.

Blogger Love – Who doesn't love some blogger love, especially when the blogger works with high-profile clients?  Our experience on this one is from about seven years ago, when celebrity wedding planner Sasha V. Souza selected our work as one of her 2011"Sasha's Favorite Things," and featured our work on her wildly popular blog: Our experience with this opportunity was nothing but positive. We ended up participating in a big event industry trade show called The Special Event, and were featured in front of hundreds of aspiring event planners during Sasha's exclusive luncheon at the event. After receiving this acknowledgement from Sasha, we saw a dramatic increase in inquiries from couples all over the country seeking our preservation services. Sasha is a gracious and formidable business owner and planner, so she certainly played a huge role in making this experience so positive for us, but in general, our feeling is that blogger love is a win win win.


Working with High Profile Clients – Over the years we have been asked to do a variety of projects for high-profile clients, and our experience overall is that this work is worth doing, but does not necessarily add up to additional acclaim or additional business. As long as you charge full price for your work (and possibly some extra if you will be expected to add customized options), you will probably not have any regrets about working with high profile clients. While one might expect that these clients would be overly particular or demanding, we have found in all cases that they were completely cooperative and lovely as clients.

This is a piece we completed several years ago for San Francisco Giants outfielder Andrew McCutcheon and his new wife Maria Hansolvan (Andrew played for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time). This was a wonderful project and an absolute treat for our team to complete.

Another high profile client or ours was Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, and his wife Ashley Harlan. Our personal experience with this order was completely positive.  We worked through their event planner, The Event Group Productions ( out of Pittsburgh, and we were able to solidify the selections and outcome successfully, without ever speaking directly to the clients. In this particular case, we were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement until after the work was completed. This did not create a problem specifically, but it did limit our ability to use the work for any sort of additional publicity. So, our caution regarding non-disclosures – have your lawyer review before signing, and consider the consequences of not getting to publicize the high profile project before quoting the work.

Product Placement - This leads us to the final noteworthy high-profile project that we have completed, for Ryan Buckley, one of the contestants on Season 6 of Married At First Sight. We were approached by the producers in late Fall of 2017 to create a meaningful piece of jewelry from petals of roses that Ryan gave to his new wife, Jackie Schwartzberg, in the episode immediately preceding their decision day. If you don't watch the show, strangers are matched by relationship professionals with another person, and they meet for the first time on their wedding day. The show then follows their eight week marriage, and at the end of the eight weeks, they decide whether or not to stay married.

Since we were approached by the producers of the show, we were not equipped with any contract or language to negotiate the terms of the opportunity. The show needed a super-fast turnaround, so we made a gut instinct choice to create a piece for them. The producers sent us the petals, and because they were already dried, we were able to rush the completion of the piece. At the time, we had no idea which participant would be presenting the jewelry, or if the piece would even make it into the show. We completed this work and rush shipped it, no charge, in the hopes of some product placement love on the show.

We then tuned in starting January 2nd, and joined with the participants and other viewers on this roller coaster of emotions. We discovered real value in elements of the show along the way (see our previous blog post HERE:, but when we finally learned that is was Ryan who would be giving our Bloombeads pendant to Jackie, we realized that our brand would be associated with the general feelings viewers have toward him, something over which we had no control. We were further disappointed when the show blurred out our company name on the packaging during the episode.  We had no idea that would happen, and we were left with very little value in exchange for the custom piece of jewelry we created for the show.

We lobbied the producers to at least do a Facebook post acknowledging our work, and when they did, we were blown away by the amount of disgust that ended up being associated with our work because of the generally negative feelings viewers had about Ryan. Luckily we were tagged in the post and able to jump on and defend our company, which immediately turned nay-sayers into supporters once they read our backstory.  (If you loved the pendant and want one of your own, here is pricing info:

So, MANY lessons were learned with this particular experience, and ones worth sharing:

  • If you are offered a product placement opportunity, ask for at least an email confirming the specifics of the agreement so that you have a paper trail.
  • Consider presenting a short contract that outlines the terms, if you feel that won't blow your chances of getting this potentially high-profile work.
  • Prepare for the risk that your work might be associated with someone unsavory or disliked. In our case, this was a negative, but by joining the online dialogues we were able to win new supporters and customers who without the show might not have ever heard of our company.


Our conclusions from 25 years of high profile opportunities?  While high-profile work offers glimmers and promises that are seductive, they are only worth pursuing if you don't have to sacrifice time and energy that should otherwise be focused on your loyal local clientele. We have welcomed and truly enjoyed each of these high profile projects, even with their sometimes negative baggage, but none of these experiences has generated more support for our business than the daily effort we make to treat each of our local customers like family.  

April 11, 2022 — bloom-beads-official Admin
Meaningful Memorial Gift Ideas

Meaningful Memorial Gift Ideas

For many in the floral industry, the summer signals a shift to focusing on wedding flowers, and all of the textures, tones and design styles that are splashed across wedding planning magazines and social media feeds.  But for many of us, the fresh flowers in our world are a reminder of loss.Maybe a friend or co-worker has lost a family member and is struggling with the realities of that loss, while also planning funeral services and selecting flowers for the memorial.  Or, maybe you have personally experienced a death in your circle of family and friends, and find yourself at the memorial service surrounded by the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers, sent by your family and friends to celebrate and commemorate the life of your lost loved one.



Whenever loss like this occurs, we all struggle to find avenues for supporting one another. It is usually through gestures and gifts that we show each other support during times of loss and grief, but many of us struggle to find the right gift that communicates our empathy and support.When we originally started our business in 1993, we were focused on the preservation of wedding flowers as keepsakes and meaningful gifts for the bride & groom, but over the past two+ decades, our customers have led us to better understand the symbolic importance of flowers in our lives. Over all these years, we have learned that anytime flowers represent relationships, people want to save them. Each year we see roughly 50% of our new orders being made from memorial flowers, oftentimes with family members all coming together to our showroom together to support each other through the selection process.     (Left - rosary made from funeral flowers) 



We have also learned that, while most people would assume that women would be more interested in preserving flowers from meaningful life events, men are just as likely to want something made if the flowers are from the memorial service of someone that was significant in their lives. Because of this, we have worked hard to develop a product line that included many items ideally suited to be memorial gifts for men. (Right - tee marker   Below - tie tac)



Another difficult but important discover for us is that the loss of a child, including an unborn child, posed an immediate and also a lasting emotional challenge on a family. The immediate emotional toll is difficult enough, but the reality is that this loss is something that families struggle with in a real way for the remainder of time. A customer once explained to us that by making the memorial flowers into jewelry, the family members each had something tangible with them every day, and this helped them feel a connection on a daily basis in a small but significant way.

Lastly, some of our most cherished friendships and relationships are those with our furry family members; yes, with our pets. I took my 11 year old daughter and my grandfather to see the movie Dog's Life at the theater a few years ago (it was the only movie appropriate for an 11 year old and a 91 year old that I could find;) and to my surprise, I spent 2 hours weeping with the entire audience. Watching the passing of a beloved pet in a fictional scenario immediately reminds all of us of our own experience with the loss of a pet, and if you've been through it, you know why we were all welling up watching the movie.  Over the years we have been asked to preserve flowers from pet memorial ceremonies, and we even work the cremains from pets into our jewelry.


Each of our Bloombeads jewelry items is packaged in a gift-ready box and bag, and can include a commemorate insert that includes a photo of the flowers before they were preserved, and can include a custom message or information about the flowers or loved one.

While moments of grief and loss can sometimes be the most challenging times of our lives, they are also moments in which we have an opportunity to need and be needed. It is through our gestures and gifts that we let those in our lives know how much they really mean to us. It is a true honor for our company to play a small role in helping people support one another with these thoughtful and carefully hand-crafted gifts.

April 11, 2022 — bloom-beads-official Admin
Looking for a perfect wedding gift?

Looking for a perfect wedding gift?

Let's face it, finding the right gift at the right time can be a challenge. Whether for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, memorial or baby birth, the gift you give communicates so much to the recipient. And sometimes that is the biggest challenge; how to find a gift that is personal and meaningful in our world of big box stores and mass produced merchandise.

And if you are getting married, it can be difficult to know what gift to ask for from your closest friends and family.

At Bloombeads | freezeframe, we have spent over 25 years specializing in creating that perfect gift for families in southwest Ohio and beyond, by preserving symbolic flowers and turning them into lasting art and jewelry.

 But don't just take our word for it...

Chloe Jackson recommends Bloombeads by freezeframe.

June 27 at 8:23 AM ·

Future or current brides: this is for you!! 💍👰🏽👍🏼

I HIGHLY recommend getting your bouquet freeze dried after your wedding! A mom that I used to nanny for had hers done, which got me thinking back when I was wedding planning that it was something I had to do.

If you are local, I went to Bloombeads by freezeframe in Dayton and they absolutely blew me away from the moment I walked in their store. You can choose between having your entire bouquet frozen, a part of your bouquet, or just have the flowers arranged in a more artistic way. The flowers stay in the freezer for several months, and then they recolor the flowers to match what your bouquet looked like. (Price point will range depending on what style and size you choose). I also got a birthday present for Michael by getting cuff links that were made using flowers from my bouquet. SO cool!This is honestly one of the best gifts I have ever been given and that I will cherish (and maybe my grandchildren's children will cherish) for the rest of my life.



Andrea Shock reviewed Bloombeads by freezeframe — 5 star April 8 2018·

Let me start by saying I personally had an amazing experience! From the moment my husband and I walked in to the the last time I walked out with my bouquet, everything was wonderful. We originally met with Julie, who was super friendly and took the extra time to break down the different designs, endless options, and individual costs. She pulled frames and boxes to show color options and gave us tips on how to pull it all together. We probably wasted a good 45 minutes to an hour of her time with our endless questions and changes, and she never once tried to rush us out the door. We were offered a payment plan to help with our budget too! I e-mailed pictures of the bouquet for reference to help and always received quick and professional responses. My favorite part was we were initially quoted anywhere up to a year to receive the bouquet back; however, I was conveniently able to pick it up on our six month anniversary. I went to pick up my bouquet and it was even more perfect than I had imagined. It is truly beautiful and will be cherished for a lifetime. I definitely recommend freezeframe to anyone looking to preserve flowers from a special occasion. Picture of my preserved bouquet in the comments.


Taylor Hoke reviewed Bloombeads by freezeframe — 5 star

June 26 2018 at 10:49 PM ·

I could not have been more satisfied and happy with Bloombeads. It is such an amazing company and what they do for families is just awesome. We will now have flowers from Tim's funeral kept with us forever. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their flowers preserved.


Becky A. Lowry reviewed Bloombeads by freezeframe — 5 star

May 31 2018 ·

If you want to preserve a memory to last forever, whether it is a wedding, funeral or birthday. This is the place to go. They do amazing work. Both my daughter and daughter in law had their bouquets done and I just had some done when I lost my husband. Absolutely love this place!!!


Jackie Sowers- Flory reviewed Bloombeads by freezeframe — 5 star

May 13 2018 ·

Took some roses from my Moms memorial service to be preserved. The final product was absolutely beautiful. I will be going back to have piece of jewelry made from flowers that are left. I would highly recommend Bloombeads.Professional and beautiful work.

Why should you trust us to create such a one-of-a-kind gift?

Freeze-drying mastery – Our preservation team has studied under all of the past and current freeze-dry manufacturers and has perfected the process for drying even the most difficult blooms, like succulents and orchids.
Air-brush Artistry – We air-brush each and every bloom. Why? 1. For longevity of color over the years and 2. Because regardless of what a client is told about colors shifting in the process, we have learned that most bridal clients expect a preserved bouquet to look like it did fresh. If the colors deepen in the process and don't reflect the pantone palette that was assembled during the planning process, the customer will be unhappy with the outcome; which reflects poorly on our process and on whoever recommended our service to them.
Options – We offer over 60+ display options for 3-dimensional displays, and over 900 Bloombeads jewelry options, with prices for any budget.
Quality inputs – We use archival quality framing materials to ensure longevity over time, and only the highest quality jewelry findings for our Bloombeads jewelry.
Time-tested – Each of our offerings, for jewelry and displays, is tested for at least one (1) year to assure it will withstand use. Our past clients regularly share rave reviews of how their items have endured the test of time.

Nationwide service (bloombeads only) - Flowers can be mailed from anywhere in the US, or beyond!
Worth the drive (Freezeframe displays only) – Our 3-dimenional offerings require hand-delivery and pickup. So far this year, clients have driven from as far as North Carolina, Michigan, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston.
SUCCESS – Customer who use our service are happy that they found us, and appreciate the vendor or person who referred them to us every time.



So you like the idea, but how to give this as a gift?  

No worries, we have gift certificates available for any amount!

Contact us to request a gift certificate in any amount, or call toll free at 1-800-822-9273.


Tell your friends...earn some discounts!

 That's right, we have a Referral Program. Spread the word about our services to family and friends, and earn Bloombeads Bucks toward your next order!  

Call 1-800-922-9273 or TEXT REFERRALLP to 937-902-1722 to learn more about our program.

When they smile, we smile, and ultimately, you will smile too. Let us help you give the gift that will remind them of this  once-in-a-lifetime moment.  Contact us today!

Local Phone: 937-640-3033  

Toll Free: 1-800-822-9273


Text: 937-902-1722

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Updated Showroom Procedures 6.15.20

Updated Showroom Procedures 6.15.20

It has been a long three months, and we are so grateful to all of you who were patient with us while we worked through the shutdown. We are so happy to announce that the SHOWROOM IS NOW OPEN FOR IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS! For those not ready to work in person, we still have No Contact appointments available, but for those ready to see things in person, we are ready for you!


* The showroom doors will remain locked until your scheduled appointment time.

* If you arrive for your appointment early, please stay in your car until your appointment time. We ask that you limit guests to yourself and one other person.

* Please arrive on time. If you arrive late we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor your appointment window.


We have a welcome station at the bottom of the showroom steps:

     1) Masks are required. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one.

     2) We will take your temperature upon arrival using a no contact thermometer.

     3) Please use the wipes provided upon arrival to the showroom.

* Please refrain from touching the jewelry items while in the showroom; our sales associates will be happy to help you with any jewelry items you would like to see more closely.

For all the reasons shown below, and more, we are here to serve you and cannot wait to help you preserve your most precious memories!



Have you celebrated an intimate wedding ceremony accented with your dream bouquet? We are here to help.​



Have you suffered loss of a loved one with flowers that commemorate them?



Maybe you have made a really special summer memory with kids in your life that include flowers?




 Have you welcomed a new baby into your world?!



Is your garden growing breathtaking blooms because you are finding more time to tend to it? We can preserve those too!



 Maybe you renewed your vows during quarantine to celebrate a cherished relationship?



For all these reasons and more, we are here to celebrate YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, and we truly cannot wait to welcome you back to our showroom!  

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