It was nearly 24 years ago that I sat at my desk as a freshman at the American University, searching for an inspiring business idea for my Small Business Development class. I wanted to care about the project, even though it was only a test-run in business plan writing. During the weekly phone date with my Mom, back in Ohio, I lamented my lack of enthusiasm for most of the ideas generated for the project so far. She had her own worries, strapped to her 8th year in what felt like a dead-end corporate job that was suffocating her. We talked about what life should be about, what passion should feel like, and what we could do to change our lackluster circumstances.

It was during that conversation that we decided to make a change. That small but powerful part of the psyche that is fueled by passion was speaking to us both, and we chose to listen. Within 3 months, we had discovered a small company that manufactures machinery used for preserving flowers. We researched the business, visited the machine manufacturer, and purchased our first machine in March of 1993. While my Mom spent that Spring experimenting with the machine, I enjoyed the exhilarating process of researching and writing the plan for a business idea I actually believed in.

Carli Dixon and Nanci Hames - Freezeframe | Bloombeads Founders & PartnersIn the 24 years since that ground breaking conversation, we have grown to become one of the nation’s premier floral preservation companies. We have expanded our capacity with the purchase of 4 additional machines, and we now service all of Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Indianapolis, as well as any clients nationwide who discover our company via or word-of-mouth. We have a staff of full-time employees, with specialties in graphic design, custom framing, floral design, customer sales and support, accounting and marketing. We have developed a patented floral shipping cooler called an E-Z ship kit, which we distribute to our clients through our over 100 partnering locations.

 In 2008, we expanded our floral preservation options to include Bloombeads, our exclusive flower-petal jewelry line made for a client’s actual flowers. After months of product development, testing, and system building, we launched the product line in Spring of 2009. Since then, the line has grown to include Bracelets, Pendants & Necklaces, Earrings, Rosaries, Rings, Men’s accessories, and even Pandora-style charm beads. Each jewelry item is custom-made by hand, using the actual flower petals mounted in sterling silver findings. To learn more about the art of Bloombeads, go to It’s been a wild ride, a passionate process, a bonding mother-daughter experience, and in the 19 years, we’ve never looked back.

"The business of life is not business, but living."  This is easy for us at freezeframe, because we love what we do.  Each day we are invited into the lives of our customers and given the opportunity to preserve the moments most special to them.  We take pride in our work and feel that our passion can be seen in each piece we do.  Whether you are in our hometown, across the country, or even beyond our borders, we look forward to knowing you.

Carli Dixon & Nanci Hames
founders and partners